How do you get feedback on writing drafts?

I’ve been getting back into blogging and I’m writing in Obsidian. Occasionally I like to collect feedback from friends by sending them a draft of an article I’m working on. Sometimes the feedback is general notes, sometimes rewriting lines.

So far I have two less than ideal solutions:

  • Copy and paste into a Google Doc with Commenter mode turned on
  • Copy and paste into Notion with commenting turned on

I haven’t found a good Obsidian focused solution and I’m curious how other writers accomplish this. Search results turn up empty or show other people using the same two solutions I listed.

Is there an Obsidian focused solution for getting inline feedback on a writing draft?

There’s Peerdraft, which is more for collaboration than feedback but might fit the bill (I haven’t tried it yet but want to). I would ask people to use the highlight and comment syntax, and sign their comments/edits.

Or you could send people the bare text files and ask them to do that there, tho it would be even less smooth.

(At the moment I’m only getting feedback thru an in-person writers group, so I’m just typing it in myself.)

Just wanted to mention that Peerdraft ist real-time collaboration only at the moment. So it only works, if you have the shared note open as well.

I am working on an async feature to get it closer to Google Docs.


Another suggestion, which might work: Share note +

I haven’t actually used this combo myself, but it should work, since you can annotate any web content using However, the feedback wouldn’t integrate directly into your source writing, and I’m not sure how would handle it if you update the shared note after it’s been annotated.

There’s also (currently in closed beta) and The latter doesn’t have real-time collaboration, nor conflict resolution last I knew (three months ago).

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I appreciate all the great feedback. I’ll take a look at the solutions and give some a try.

This is great news! Async would make longer term collab with others possible. At the risk of derailing the OP’s query: Kudos for all other recent improvements on the real-time front – tags identifiying collab partners, the cleaner look of the webapp with the options to show or hide both editor and preview, supporting highlights, the automatically pinned local Obsidian notes to prevent accidental closure of a session – this is all good stuff and likely to bring Peerdraft closer to being viable for working in ways the OP suggests and we’ve come to get used via Google docs – but all from within Obsidian.

Haven’t tried Obsidian-to-Obsidan yet but will be keen to use this with fellow Obsidian users.

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