How do you feel about using Obsidian as a task manager?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian operates on local markdown files and excels as a PKM system. I know that some people would be horrified at the idea of using it as a task manager. However, I have historically liked writing lists and deleting/editing as I go along. In the last 12 months, I have studied the ideas of David Allen and Tiago Forte and moved onto Todoist, TickTick and now returning to iOs: Reminders.

Whilst these are designed for task management and obviously can remind you at specific times and locations - I find something simply comforting about writing the lists in different toggles (projects) and being able to highlight something in yellow (rather than using an Eisenhower matrix).

Better still, using Todoist and TickTick can sometimes feel slow and sluggish. Obsidian seems like the one application which can keep up with me when my thoughts are blazing. Not only that, when I can have one window for ‘TODOIST’ (my todo page) and then my 'TICKLER" in the next window side-by-side, it feels like a frictionless way to get organised.

What stopped me from fully committing to Obsidian as a task manager in the past was that I had a very old Samsung phone which could barely function. I’m hoping now that I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 13 I should be able to handle Obsidian on my phone in a frictionless way that keeps me committed to it.

I do take some comfort in knowing that writer Richard Meadows uses Roam for task management. Doesn’t seem so mad now:…69i7.3584j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

I’d like to know your experience with using Obsidian as a task-manager. Am I absurd for wishing to do this?

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