How do you create notes in a specific folder

how do you create notes in a specific folder without the help of any add on?

Right-click on folder > New Note


sorry, forgot to mention that i want it to work with a hotkey. currently i have like a very long list of folder and sub folders

I’m finding myself using the quick switcher to do various tasks, like creating new notes. Try the following:

  • Open the quick switcher: Cmd + O (or Ctrl + O if on windows)
  • Enter the name of your new note include the folders
  • Hit Enter, and keep editing your newly created note

If note is template-based, I use quickadd to generate note and automatically move on a specified folder.

Otherwise, I create the note where I am, then move it using CTRL+M (shortcut that I assigned to “move current file to another folder”)

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There isn’t an ideal way to do it yet with a shortcut. So yeah, I create the note, then move it.

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