How do you collapse a heading or bullet point?

Could someone please describe how to collapse / expand a heading or bullet in the editor or in preview mode? I can’t figure out how to do this.



Go to settings, then editor. You will find options to enable heading and bullet list folding.


Thank you! Can this be done in preview mode as well? Any idea if there are plans for this to be a feature in preview?

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I don’t think it can be done in preview mode. You can always make a suggestion, though.

Agreed, would like to have this feature in preview mode as well.


Any luck, folks?

I enabled the feature but Idk how this should be working.

A small downward triangle appears before the heading title in the edit mode. Click it to collapse or expand your section.


Update: Works in Edit mode and Preview mode as well for me (v0.11.13)
Settings > Editor > Fold Heading

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Can this be bound to a hotkey?


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hello it works as per your screenshot but i found it added the %%fold%% to the headings, then i need to manually remove it, is this an error that %%fold%% is added to end of the headings?