How do you all use Obsidian with IFTTT?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Hi all!

I have a subscription to IFTTT, and I’m wondering how ya’all leverage it to get things into Obsidian?

For example, I could save the URL to liked YouTube videos into a literature folder as a text file, but then I realized if I am taking notes on a video I’d probably have the link handy anyway … but I’m sure there’s all sorts of cool ways folks are using IFTTT with Obsidian that I haven’t thought of!

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I send an email from my Android phone to IFTTT
---- IFTTT saves body as date_journal.txt file in dropbox Obsidian folder

Hazel on mac watches for _journal.txt files in that folder
---- Changes to .md file so it’s visible in Obsidian (just in case)
---- Appends contents to bottom of Daily Note (journal) file
---- Moves same .md file to trash

Note I COULD just manually edit the Daily Note .md file from Android since it is in dropbox, but this is a little easier.

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I mark a favorite item in Pocket
---- IFTTT creates a text file in Dropbox Obsidian folder

Then I have to manually rename the .txt file to .md to be able to use it in Obsidian as a note.

I also use the same IFTTT & Hazel steps with my Withings scale
Each time I step on it, the measurements are added to my Daily Note file

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