How do you all use iCloud Notes/Google Keep with Obsidian?

Currently I use iCloud Notes as my “inbox” and then format the notes and put them in Obsidian for long-term storage. Does anyone do anything different? Or found a system that’s worked very well for you with something else?

I do this. Keeps Obsidian clean. Stay the course!

I have an inbox folder in my vault that I named ‘NewClippings’, and use the MarkDownload web clipper (browser add-on) to clip webpages directly to it with a sentence or two about why I store it and immediate associations with existing material.

Self written notes I do directly in Obsidian, either on laptop mobile or e-ink reader.
From NewClippings I daily take one or more for close reading and taking out the info I want to keep.

I put all new notes in a folder called _Inbox and move them out or delete them based on… keepfulness

keepfulness, that sounds like a word I’ve been looking for!