How do you add internal links?

I wanted to know-how you guys add internal links. Right now creating new internal links and listing out existing ones is a piece of cake. But I feel that the same cannot be said about embedding internal links in words or passages.

[[note title]] for internal links works in words and passages too.
What makes you say it is not a piece of cake?

I am talking about the use case where I have to embed a link in the paragraph or a phrase to a page.
Im talking about [[link|This Format]]

Could you elaborate on the difference/friction you’re sensing?

Is it that the keystrokes to type “[[”, then “note title”, then “|”, then type “your text” is cumbersome?

That just typing [[note title]] is easier that the process of typing [[note|your text]]?

I think you’re talking about the perceived difficulty in building internal links using standard markdown syntax, rather than WikiLinks - which Obsidian encourages you to use. There is a lengthy discussion about that here.