How do obsidian releases work?

Things I have tried

Searched in FAQ, announcements, help
Opened my settings and selected ‘check for updates’. Says my app is up to date. v0.15.9
But I see obsidian release v0.16.3 (insider build) - should I be on this newer version?

What I’m trying to do

Can I trust that obsidian will maintain up to date so long as I have selected affirmatively to accept ‘automatic updates’? If yes, how come my version v0.15.9 doesn’t match the latest release v0.16.3 (insider build)?

Thank you!

If you get a Catalyst license, and you keep Insider Builds enabled, Obsidian will automatically update to the newest build upon loading. There is also the option to get a Commercial license or further support Obsidian development by upgrading to be a Supporter or VIP. On the forum here, you will receive a badge that displays that you are supporting Obsidian at whichever level you choose.

Hopefully this helps clear it up. There is a better description on the actual Obsidian download page. Good luck!

Also, Insider builds are essentially betas.

Thanks for quick reply @I-d-as and @CawlinTeffid. If I’m interpreting correctly, sounds like I will stay current on the publicly available/supported version and for my simple day-to-day use of obsidian I don’t need to get involved in the beta versions.

Appreciate your kindness!

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