How do I work with Obsidian on Mobile?

Right now, I use Syncthing to sync my notes on my four devices and use Markor to make new notes and read my current notes. I have to say; it is not a very satisfactory workflow. But I can wait for the obsidian mobile app.
Also, on mobile, I use textpand plus to make a template for my notes if it can be useful to you.

My experience on iOS:

  1. 1Writer
  2. Notebooks 10
  3. Noteplan 2 (Noteplan 3 in beta) (my choice since I like to bullet journal and aggregate tasks through my notes into a single system - I put writing and organization todos onto note page which are extracted by Noteplan)
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I love Noteplan. The v3 beta is shaping up to be fantastic. I also love Obsidian- but I’ve not found a way to use them together seamlessly (if at all). Primarily due to the fact that Obsidian is locked to .md and Noteplan is .txt. How are you using them together?

@msalam Emailing the NotePlan dev to enable a .md preference is my current plan. :sweat_smile:

He’s working on it, but it might not be an option before v3 is out.

Sadly using something like Hazel to convert all NotePlan files to .md doesn’t work with the Calendar notes, as it forces .txt on those.

I was playing with a 2-way syncing script to get updates in either NotePlan or Obsidian to copy to one another. If that ever works (it’s timing out when run inside Hazel at the moment, and I can’t seem to debug it) I’ll share it here!

Thanks @ryanjamurphy ! I’ll add my vote to the mix. I always seem to find myself this situation :man_facepalming: caught between 2 similar apps - each of which offering something out of reach of the other. Total productivity killer!


Out of curiosity @ryanjamurphy are you using Noteplan/Reminders for tasks or something else?

I have been using plain text to track todos for a while, so these apps aren’t really influencing that, although NotePlan’s UX for it is great.

@ryanjamurphy I was able to get Chronosync to syncs the files back and forth between a “calendar” folder in Obsidian and the Noteplan calendar folder - using Hazel on both ends to clean up the mess. HOWEVER, I am not really going back and forth often. I only use the daily notes in Noteplan, and only need to reference them from obsidian some time in the future in my workflow. If I was editing them in both places the sync would fall apart.


I don’t think I saw it mentioned but I’m testing out FSNotes, it uses markdown and bracket-links (not to mention mermaid support).

It’s inspired by nvalt and has been promising so far. One issue I’m having on Mac OS is that it doesn’t rename the file based on the first line but it does it correctly on iOS so I expect that will come back over to Mac OS. I use it mainly for the iOS app anyway and obsidian as my primary app on Mac OS.


Great tip, thanks! How does it handle links to notes in folders?

I was going to ask whether (and how) Epsilon Notes really supported Obsidian wiki-style links, but I think I figured it out how to make it happen. Here’s what I did:

In Epison Notes > Preferences > Compatibility processor, paste the following as plain text (to preserve line breaks):

// Obsidian Compatibility
// Replace embeds with links:
// Convert piped links (even in tables):
// Convert normal links:
// Allow spaces within links and filenames:
(?<=\]\([^\(\)\n]{0,1024}) (?=[^\(\)\n]{0,1024}\))

Relevant Epsilon documentation is here, specifically compatibility processor and spaces in links. The above could probably be improved, but so far it’s working for me.

As for cloud syncing, I’m currently using DriveSync (AutoSync for Google Drive).


It seems to handle them fine in my tests. I just created a note with a link to another note that was nested in folders and it linked to it and worked fine. The main issue I have with it is on the Mac it doesn’t rename files with the first line and on iOS I’m having an issue where it doesn’t properly save files to iCloud if you create them in the Notes or Todo sidebar section. I’m filing bugs and hopefully some of these essential issues can be fixed in updates. So I think the app is a potential solution but there are some bugs to consider. So far though, it’s a strong candidate along with NotePlan, 1Writer, and when I don’t need to rely on the bracket-links but want a solid markdown editor: iA Writer. I tried Notebooks but had issues with syncing over dropbox. Could be something I did wrong, I don’t know.


Thanks for the testing. Aye, we’re using the same set of apps, then. If you aren’t in the NotePlan beta you should request it—3 is shaping up.

(We just have to convince the developer to allow .md file extensions…!)

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Yeah. Syncthing is good too.

Hi there!

Which of the available iOS markdown apps are able to embed local images (![[]] or ![]( Is there an app which supports setting of the image subfolder?



I installed it at first, but could not see how to get that connection. Is there a tutorial on setting it up?

Is there an android app that can link notes which are in different folders? I’ve tried Markor and Epsilon Notes and it seems like they are both not able to do it.

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Does 1Writer support brackets links and image embedding?

1Writer handles backlinks just fine. Images work with a conventional ![caption](text.jpg) syntax.

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I sync my folder with GitHub and use Gitjournal on Android to edit/create md. Works perfectly.