How do I whitelist a dynamically changing application sync server IP?

I have a vm for which I have s specific whitelist only firewall. It is supposed to only allow connections to the IPs an app connects to when syncing.

I first got the sync server IP’s listening to tcpdump, then when I had the IP’s I activated the whitelist.

This worked perfectly for some time, but now it appears that the IP’s have changed. I could do the same thing again but repeating the process regularly is annoying and defeats the whole purpose of only ever allowing network connections to specific whitelisted serves.

Alternatively, I could set up a process to only allow network traffic from that app somewhat.

Using debian-11 btw.

Any help is appreceated !!!

Can you whitelist via hostname rather than IP?

I was browsing around the Sync plugin object for another thread, and noticed you can get the hostname:

In my case it’s currently