How do i view my notes like google keep?

I an trying to have a view like this for hompage

  1. I am trying to view my notes of a specific tag/filter tag like this
  2. A home page that shows all the notes like how google keep shows

I did not find any card view tutorial which show cards only works for plain text without images

Dataview is difficult for me. Is there any plugin for this feature ?

The image is not mine. I used this image from the internet as an example.


Search “card” in the community plugins if you haven’t already. Looks like there are some that are at least related.

Minimal theme has helper classes that allow you to do this fairly easily. Check the guide here

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I found three plugin

  1. gallery plugin which only shows images

  2. card view mode plug in which is not same as the name implies

  3. card view switcher is the closest but limited to ten

And for the minimal guide i only found tutorials for book covers
not like google keep view.

How do i get preview of text content ?

You might need to add the content to the YAML of the note or put it after an inline field field:: content and then bring it in with Dataview. Those are the two ways I know DV can bring content from a note. For example, the following code (with the cssClasses YAML field) will produce cards displaying the title of the card, along with anything in the body of the note after the inline field definition:: from notes with a field type with a value "Cards" on their YAML.

TABLE definition
WHERE type = "Cards"

I don’t get it. sorry i haven’t uses dataview or yaml much so i am inexperienced

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