How do I use iA Writer and Obsidian together?

I just bought iA Writer and when I clicked on the Google Drive button in it, it only shows the folders in “My Drive”. But I use backup and sync for my obsidian documents on my Mac. Do you know how to edit and add these synced documents? Thanks in advance

Not to be too sarcastic, but maybe the best place to start with how to use iAWriter would be to visit their support site for videos on best practices. Before that, do a search here on “iAWriter” and “1Writer” (another iOS app) to learn from other posts. It might help you focus your questions regarding your particular situation with Obsidian.

The choice of sync service and other editors is not simple, I’m afraid.

It may be that iA Writer cannot use files in Backup and Sync, and instead you have to find a way to put your markdown files in Google Drive proper.

Other editors also work with different sync services differently. Best to review discussions like e.g., How do I work with Obsidian on Mobile?

And a search here for “Google Drive” brings up a variety of threads that may be helpful.

I just want to add a little tip, since I, too, use iA Writer with Obsidian. iA Writer on iOS has a “custom keyboard” that you can tweak. I put the bracket symbols in a prominent, easy-to-reach location on this keyboard to help me write wikilinks when capturing ideas on mobile. It doesn’t auto-complete filenames but it saves time.

And for what it’s worth, placing my Obsidian vault in iA’s folder in iCloud has been seamless for me.