How do I upgrade from 0.12.19 to 0.13.0?

Hi all,

I just bought the Catalyst today to upgrade to 0.13.0. However, when I click Check for updates it says I’m up-to-date with 0.12.19. I have turned on Receive insider builds and tried logging in and out, and closing and reopening the app. No luck. What I hoped to try was the Experimental Live Preview. However, this line is not shown in the Editor settings. Help much appreciated. Thanks!

/ cigoL (Stefan)

Under the version number, it should tell you your installer version. If the installer is to old, the upgrade to the insider builds will not work. I would uninstall, download the latest install file for 0.12.19 and reinstall. Then attempt to enable insider builds again and it should work.

Thanks a lot! The installer version is 0.9.6. When you say uninstall, you mean uninstall Obsidian completely? If so, is there no risk I will loose my Vault, MD files or structure? And how about the plug-ins I am using? Thanks!

It should not effect your vault or your plugins. Your plugins/settings are stored in a hidden directory inside your vault. (.obsidian directory)

I recommend performing a backup always before doing any uninstall/reinstall or any major change. It’s a good habit to get into for anything you do/change on your computer.

You could also try just running the updated installer without uninstalling, that may work, but I prefer a complete uninstall/reinstall for issues like these just for good measure.

Thanks a million! That worked - uninstalling and then reinstalling. I now have 0.13.8. However, I still do not see the Experimental Live Preview in the end of the Editor settings. Can you help? Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS You can ignore what I just wrote. I found the explanation here: Obsidian Release v0.13.8 (Insider build) - yeah! Problem solved! Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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Shouldn’t be a need to uninstall. Installing over should work.

I figured it would, but being in Information Technology for 20 years has me usually recommending a uninstall/install just for good measure.

It’s good problem solving hygiene, as it’s less likely to make you do the work twice as I have had installing over older versions of applications fail to solve the original issue multiple times during my career.

No right or wrong way, just like posting “Food for thought” or reasonings for my thought process.

If someone see’s this reply and it helps with a totally unrelated issue with another application in the future, then my work is done.

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The usual update process is installing over. When the installer version is too old it needs a new download to install. Uninstalling can can cause a degree of anxiety about the process - as above. In normal circumstances, there’s no reason for anyone to think it’s necessary.

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