How do I switch between different sidebar widths without using the mouse?

What I’m trying to do

Find a command to set the right sidebar so that it takes some percentage of the horizontal space, without using the mouse. This would be useful when using the Timestamp Notes addon because it embeds YouTube video in the sidebar, while I can take notes in the editor window on the left. I want to set up some commands in the Quick Add plugin to create a command to hide the left sidebar, show the right sidebar, and then force the right sidebar to take 50% of the horizontal space. And when I am done taking notes on videos, I would run another Quick Add command to probably show both sidebars, but with each one taking up say 15% of the horizontal space.

Things I have tried

I looked in the Command Palette and I only see commands to show and hide the sidebars, and not any to control its width. Also there are several sidebar management plugins, but I didn’t see this feature.

Well, I guess there is no such feature. And I don’t see any plugins that do that specifically.

There is the workspaces feature. You can switch between workspaces. But when switching workspaces, it switches notes too. So that wouldn’t really work for this use case.

But it seems to indicate the functionality to control the layout is there for a potential plugin.

Actually that might work, because my intent would be to switch in and out of video notetaking. So normally I would go to a different note, one that doesn’t have a video. I will look into this, thanks!

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