How do I structure notes effectively in Obsidian?

Since Obsidian is very different from every other note taking app or system, including physical. I am trying to figure out how I can actually effectively structure notes within Obsidian.

Currently, what feels “natural” is just throwing all the information about a topic into a single note.

  • E.g Obsidian
    Everything about Obsidian including info on markdown, html, citing etc

But that leads to duplicate information all over the place instead of having notes for specific concepts and ideas and tags, folders to organize them. But how do I decide on what is a concept and how specific concepts interact with other concepts and many different topics.

E.g. Let’s say I wanted to write something about markdown. There are many different flavors of markdown. Including specific Obsidian only features. Do I just add Obsidian only features to a wall of text in the Obsidian note that contains everything about of Obsidian?

Or do create a link to a markdown note that has a header specifically for Obsidian.
Or should the markdown note be an index that holds smaller notes and each flavor of markdown has it’s own note linked to the index?

But if I split everything into smaller notes that are linked to an index, how do I prevent duplicate information that way? Since many flavors will share the same information?

It’s the same for every other topic. What if I want to write about how to research including concepts like citing, quoting etc.
How do I separate notes without it either being:

  • A Massive wall of text containing everything about anything related to that topic even if information can be shared

  • Split information so much that each concept, no matter how small becomes an index linking to individual paragraphs on notes even when they don’t have to be split.

Otherwise every topic becomes an index and then indexes will be linked to notes that are linked to other indexes to actually locate topics. Then it’s just a web of indexes broken down into individual paragraphs on every topic even if information overlaps

This post has a downloadable sample vault with some different ideas for structure: Example Workflows in Obsidian

Talk to ten people and you’ll get twelve different ways to “best” organize your vault. Just start taking notes and you’ll find what works well for you over time. Sure, you’ll have to go back and move/rename things, but that’s fine. Take it easy. :canoe:

There are so many systems out there. It is best to understand your requirements and then test out a few things.

I have had a system of academic note taking for ages. Maybe it resonates with you - there is also a link to a downloadable vault in the article.

The gist is that you force your notes through a pipeline - that is what I feel no other system is doing. And the pipeline goes from source to a collection of factual statements to questions and eventually long self-written notes.

While it is for academia primarily you can use it for anything where you want to aggregate knowledge hierarchically with successively more or your own contribution as you go up.

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