How do I structure my Computer Science notes?

I will be starting a CS bachelor’s over the fall and I want to get some ideas on the best way to approach this. I never did a CS program before so it’s hard for me to actually evaluate the efficiency of the approach so I’ll be grateful for examples or perhaps explanations on why they think their approach is good.

I’ve been using the IMF structure and it’s been working great for my self-improvement branch of the vault but I don’t know how to approach it with CS.

Hello SerPineapples,

Obsidian allows you to structure your notes any way you like. The ‘best way’ is the way that works for you.

As a starting point, you could replicate the structure of the modules and material that you will be studying from, adding your own adjustments and links as you go along. You will be able to change things if you feel you need to later on.


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I would suggest making notes which contain discretish ideas related to certain themes (which will be your MOCs or folders), so that as you progress through the degree you can organically expand on and easily file new stuff you learn with what you did in your first year. Then riffing off Nifty’s suggestion, you could have tags for each note which reference the course/semester you learned it in, or maybe even the week of that course/semester if you find yourself making loads of notes?

This means they will be set up for you to learn pretty fluidly, with old things you learned popping up where relevant to your current concerns, but you will also be able to easily review what you learned in sequence when studying for exams or whatever.