How do I stop clicked links from changing colour?

All the themes I have tried and enjoyed (including the native one) change the link colour to a lighter colour once I click on it.

Is there a simple way to keep links to other Obsidian notes the same colour once clicked on?

i.e. I love Dracula and native theme. I just want the hyperlink to other Obsidian notes to stay the same colour, so I am not struggling to see the lighter colour.

Thank you in advance. Been using Obsidian a week whilst learning Zettelcasten, and it’s been a trip. I’m sold on it. I am finding it hard to read once link changes colour as it gets lighter.

Any help appreciated. First post here. Cheers, Rich

For me, this doesn’t happen in obsidian’s default theme - and to be honest, I have never seen this behavior in any theme I have ever tried… :thinking:

Are you using any css snippets you copied from somewhere?

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Welcome to the forum.

I agree with @alltagsverstand about wondering if css snippets are being used.

There isn’t a css class for visited in the main app.css file. Is it possible that it is an unresolved link? Such links do have a fade attribute.

Probably not - because after clicking, it isn’t unresolved anymore… :wink:

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Indeed. I meant looking at whether a css snippet was pointing to an unresolved link’s attribute in some way, or whether the OP is making a link to a page that has not yet been created but thinking that they have already created that page and visited it (I have done this with my notes on books: I create a note for the book, write a link to the book on another note but mistype the title and then end up with an unresolved link, until I realize my mistake).

Thank you all. I shifted to a default theme and then back to Dracula, and it seems to have resolved. Thank you all for taking the time to reply.

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