How do I separate my notes from the system files?

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I have just signed up for Obsidian on Mac and iOS. I have also signed up for Sync. I have created a vault and put my files inside on my Mac. which has successfully synced with iOS. The problem is that all my files now appear along side the system folders such as: Advanced Topics, Attachments, Concepts which I believe every new edition of Obsidian contains. Worse than that all these system notes are turning up in the graph. Any ideas on how I can banish these system notes. I could just delete them but I would prefer to retain access. I could of course put them all in a super folder, and I suppose there is a way to control what gets pictured in the graph. The thing is I want to set things up right and not embark on circuitous workarounds on Day 2. How do I get off on the right foot?

What do you mean by “system notes”? It seems you talking about the Help Vault?

What exactly is the path to your vault? (Hide your username or any sensitive info if you need to.)

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Yes! The Help Vault. That’s what’s come across and appears in the graph on both Mac and iPad. Have not been able to locate the path to my vault yet - will keep trying to find.

On Mac, in any note (not a Help Vault note, but one of your own notes), click the 3 dots for “More Options”.

Click “Show in system explorer”

You’ll find where your vault is located.

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Going round in circles. If I create a new vault it is empty and cannot be populated with files. If I open the file location and use it as a vault it all works well on Mac but cannot be synced with iPad.

Have managed to isolate my files in MyFolder and open them on the Mac including in the graph view - that’s good. This has come about by selecting a local folder as a vault. The problem now is that that doesn’t seem able to sync with iPad. In summary I can create a new vault - but not put anything in it - or open the local vault and not be able to sync it. What am I missing?

I do not seem able to connect a local folder to the remote vault.

What is the path to your vault?

Macintosh HD/Users/Username/My Obsidian Folders / 00 BB is where my .md files are located. At this point I have created loads of vaults and I don’t know which one this is. It seems like there are two kinds of vaults - local and virtual for syncing. I can open my files in Obsidian but that’s because (???) they are in a local folder. I really want to sync my stuff.

Just been round the mulberry bush again by hitting Create New Vault (Create a new Obsidian Vault under a folder). I browsed to my folder location at which point a new unformatted page opens up with the name of the vault on the left but no files .

I had it working yesterday except I ended up merging my files with the help files.

Finally resolved issue. It was important to locate where vault folder was being created and there is a you tube video that helped me Quick Look at Obsidian Sync - YouTube
Doesn’t seem all that straight forward but 3 hours of tearing my hair later and I am back on track…

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