How do I reset the content of a published Obsidian vault

What I’m trying to do

Delete existing content that I have previous published from my obsidian vault.

Things I have tried

I’ve read posting that said this can be done by selecting the items I want to remove from the 'unchanged (select to unplish)" option. The items I wish to remove from the site are not listed there - and therefore, this did not work.

I searched the forum - and found a recent post the described how to fix this – but, (as I said above), the list where I can delete content (Unchanged (select to unplish)) does not include the content that I wish to remove from the site – despite it clearly existing on the site.

BTW: I’m finding sync an publish a bit awkward to get started with – considering how good Obsidian is for everything else, and that these futures are one of the only (or few) ways Obsidian can make money, I’m surprised by the lack of polish.

I hope someone can help with this - I paid for the service so that it would save me time. Right now, I would find it easier to publish through other ways.

If you don’t get get an answer here, you can email [email protected].

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