How Do I Remove duplicate bullets in Live Preview

Things I have tried

I just changed my settings to use Live Preview for editing.
I really like it but there seems to be a conflict with one of my previous settings because I now get double bullets when I start a line with a dash. I want to remove the old bullet which I never really liked because it is not aligned with the text.

I turned off all the CSS snippets but that didn’t solve the problem. There was no help regarding bullets when searching the help vault. Below is a view of what a simple file looks like with double bullets.

Obsidian Double Bullets

What I’m trying to do

In your bullet, is it just a single dash? What happens if you use an asterisk or a numbered list? Same problem?

Could you try turning to the default theme? You turned off CSS snippets, but you’re still using a theme. Maybe the theme needs a tweak to work with the new mode.

If you are using the Outliner plugin, try disabling to see if it helps. In my experience, it is what causes the duplicate bullets in Live Preview.

That fixed it ! Thanks

Something that would be really useful would be posts on the cross impacts of plugins or a deprecation list of what plugins are no longer needed or work when new core plugin features are introduced.

Plugins are so powerful and an attractive feature to enhance Obsidian but troubleshooting cross impacts and compatibility needs to be easier.

I think there are too many combinations for that to be possible. Plus the plugin API is still alpha and changing. Especially as Live Preview adds so many new variables.

Basically, that’s what Discord and the forum are for, so everyone can help troubleshoot and guide each other.

Thanks for the reply, the guidance on the status, as well as what the current solution is. I am really impressed with the crowd-sourced support so far. It is a good feeling to know how many people love Obsidian, as I do, and are willing to help. I plan to help too when I can.

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I have the same issue. It’s annoying because it also causes the cursor to skip to the previous or next line, so it makes lists in Live preview unusable. Unfortunatel I don’t have the Outliner plugin installed, so I have no idea what’s causing this.

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