How do I post code without Obsidian translating it?

I’m trying to learn HTML and CSS, and I’d like to use Obsidian for my notes, but the app translates all my code. I wasn’t sure how to ask Google about this - my attempts didn’t yield much (I wasn’t able to word it correctly to get good answers).

I finally found one page that said to use a ‘’’ before and after code for markdown (which, isn’t Obsidian using markdown?) but that didn’t work.

Is it possible to take notes on HTML and CSS without the page responding?

Also - speaking of CSS, why do the forums work in Safari but not Firefox? I’m using Firefox 104.0.2 and these forums are all black text on dark grey background - impossible to read, I had to highlight the text to see anything. In Safari it’s white text on dark grey background. Why the difference?

Please add screenshots of what you mean. It is hard to assist without seeing the error.

You used the wrong symbols. In Markdown, wrap text in single backticks (`) to mark code inline. To mark a block of code, use ``` before and after the block (this is an extension to Markdown that Obsidian uses).


Maybe you are in “Live Preview” mode? Try out source mode if you want to see raw everything.

As for Firefox, no idea. It looks fine for me (Win11, Firefox 104.0.2).

The forum should work fine in Firefox. You should check for any extensions or customizations that might be interfering.

Thank you! That worked!

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