How do I paste image as text (data:image)

I searched through all settings, but cannot find it.

How do I paste an image as text, embedding the image instead of a link to a file? I was able to do this months ago and changed a setting somewhere, but I cannot seem to find that setting now. Thanks!

What I’m trying to do

Do you mean Base64 encoding?

Use a tool like Base64 Image Encoder - Convert any image file or URL online and paste the “HTML Usage” result in the editor. The image will be rendered in live preview or reading mode.

P.S. (I’d not recommend doing this a lot — if you really have to do it — because afaik obsidian indexes all the text in .md files and one 20kb png image in base64 is ~20 average .md files in my vault.)

Thanks for the reply but that doesn’t answer my question. Obsidian had a setting at one time to automatically pasted images as text (data:image). Does this setting still exist?


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