How do I open a note by its URL?

What I’m trying to do

So I have an obsidian URL like obsidian://open?vault=journal&file=2023-08-28 and I want to navigate to this note using this URL, how can I do this?

Things I have tried

Ctrl + O seems to search notes only by its names.
Also I tried search bar, but it doesn’t search by URL as well.

Help me please, it’s really important for me to have two-way connection between my notes and third-party applications.

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Your link (Obsidian URI) looks looks fine. I think it depends on what app your are clicking on it in. Try wrapping it in < >, so


That makes a clickable link for me in Apple Notes and MS Word.

That URL is for putting into the third-party application. So for example, if you put that link in a Word document and click it, it will open Obsidian and take you to that note.

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The documentation is here: Obsidian URI - Obsidian Help

Seems setting it up on Linux needs a bit of work, but for Windows and macOS it should be ready to use without much effort.

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Thanks, I’m on Linux, I’ll try this out a bit later.

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