How do i make obsidian into a wiki

whats the best way i can make obsidian into a wiki like wikipedia
what are the cons of making obsidian into a wiki
templates, add ons and other modifications?

Obsidian essentially is a wiki already. What specific changes do you want?

i think its my fault i shouldve made things clearer. i want something like a workflow like best way to create a guide and stuff. obsidian is really freestyle and im finding it hard to make my notes consistent

can obsidian reference another vault or notes in another vault?

Not directly only through file links.
If you want to link files, it’s best to have them in the same vault, even if in separate folders.

You can link to other vaults and notes in them by using Obsidian URLs, but I don’t think you can embed notes that way and the links don’t auto-update when you rename or move the notes.

What sort of things do you want to be consistent in your notes? You can use templates if you have a certain structure you want to follow. But over time your vault is likely to be inconsistent. No matter how good and permanent your setup seems, you’ll probably change it at some point, and when you have enough notes it’s not worth the effort to reformat them all unless it’s very easy. This seems to be true for most people, including (perhaps especially) for people who make their livings describing their setups.

I’ve not looked into it myself, but I see loads of references to system like the Zettelkasten system (and Nick Milo). If I understand what I’ve read though, it seems like it’s a system to allow notes to grow naturally from a simple idea into more mature notes ready for publishing.

So it might be worthwhile to look into such a system, at it would describe a workflow of how to handle various simplistic ideas/thoughts into something more permanent like a guide. And I understand that Obsidian is a good tool for doing this kind of a process within in the same vault.

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