How do I make a progress bar be automated?

I’m learning how to use obsidian and certain plugins and, as a test, I’m registering my workout progress.

What I’m trying to do

One of the things I’d like is a progress bar that refer to my daily notes, and updates itself based on whether or not I worked out that day, or some other sort of progress I come to need.

Things I have tried

I managed to create simple progress bars, but I need to manually update the percentage on it, so it isn’t very useful.
With the help of a nice person in the obsidian reddit, I came to know of the ProgressBar plugin. It, however, also doesn’t refer to any other notes, but at least it can make bars that are automated if you set them to show the progress of the passing days, if you set it to show weeks, months or years, if I understood it correctly.
The screenshot below is in brazilian portuguese, which is my main language. I’ll show a workout progress bar, but I have to manually set in the code how many days I went.


And here is its code:

name: Treinos
value: 1
max: 25

One example of something that refer to my daily notes folder, and updates itself based on the values I insert on them, is a weight loss chart.
I’ll skip the screenshot this time, but I’ll insert below the code that runs it.

searchType: dvField
searchTarget: peso
startDate: 01-04-2023
endDate: 30-12-2023
	title: Emagrecimento
	yMax: 106
	yAxisLabel: Peso
	lineColor: yellow
	fillGap: true

Another thing, is a tracker that shows the minimum, maximum, median and avarage weight inserted in the notes:

searchType: frontmatter
searchTarget: peso
folder: Notas Diárias
    template: "Minimum: {{min()}}kg\nMaximum: {{max()}}kg\nMedian: {{median()}}kg\nAverage: {{average()}}kg"

I also made a calendar that shows the days I worked out based on my daily notes. Let me know if posting this would help.

If it’s possible to make a bar that updates itself, like the chart and the weight tracker I showed above, please let me know.

não sei, passando só para dar um salve BR

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