How do I make a checkbox?

The Situation

I would like to create a checkbox. I understand that Obsidian uses Markdown, so I tried to create a checkbox with []. I tried other variants like it, including [ ] and [ x ]

The Question

Neither of those attempts created a checkbox for me. Is it possible to do so?

copy this

- [ ] this is a task
- [ ] this is another

or “Cmd + Enter” twice (in windows maybe “Ctrl + Enter” twice)

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How odd. That works for me, yet I cannot get it to work by typing in brackets.

Are you using special characters in that snippet?

What you mean? Check the box?

When I type [ ] in Obsidian and go to read view, it still shows up a [ ] and not a checkmark.

(The cmd + enter solution does work, I am just surprised that the brackets do not)

You need to add “-” + space + “[ ]”, i.e., you need a “-” as in lists.

Sorry to get into the nits here.

I type “-” + space and then the “-” character turns into a bullet point.

Maybe it does not work for me because I have live preview activated on my version.

Nevermind, it works for me now :man_shrugging:

Thank you for your help @mnvwvnm

Maybe you doesn’t add a space (with or without text) after “[ ]”…
EDIT: I read your last post after my post

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