How do I link Obsidian Notes as a Property in Notion?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried looking it up in the form + YouTube but it either gave no results, or was confusing.

What I’m trying to do

So I have a database on Notion with all of my projects.

Those projects need Resources, AKA things you need to complete the project.

Sometimes those Resources include Notes that are in Obsidian, or I just want to do the project in Obsidian.

Is there some sort of way I can link Obsidian pages into Notion?

In case that didn’t make sense, here’s what I meant:

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Well, you have the Obsidian URI scheme, where you can use a link like obsidian://open?vault=ObsidianNotes&file=TestNote

But Notion does not support that x-callback-url scheme. And if you use a link that links to another app, it just won’t work. It can only do http:// links.

But there is a thread here where someone figured out a workaround. It’s a bit of a hassle. And it might only work on iOS using the shortcut scheme. So this might not be relevant to you. But it might spark some ideas of how you could find a workaround. Using URL Scheme Links in Notion | Kevin Jalbert

But I don’t think the obvious way of using obsidian:// URIs would work, sadly. I’d suggest making the feature-request to Notion to natively support x-callback-urls. That would be amazing if they did!


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