How do I hide some of the folder names from the top of the note?

Apologies if this is a duplicate, I can’t think of how to search for this.

I generally really like having the folder names/thread along with the file name at the top, but if the folder names are really long or if the thread is long, the file name itself is no longer visible/off screen.

Would it possible to e.g. have only the immediate folder visible, i.e. ONLY the folder that the file is in, not all the parent folders? Or something like that?

I’m happy with snippet suggestions.


This will display only the last folder and slash (with the note-title) like this:

FolderName / NoteName

Here is the snippet:

.view-header-breadcrumb, .view-header-breadcrumb-separator {
    display: none;

.view-header-breadcrumb:nth-last-child(2), .view-header-breadcrumb-separator:last-child {
    display: inline-block;

Hopefully that achieves what you want :cherry_blossom:

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Perfect, thank you!

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