How do i get started?

Idk whether or not this is a question i should post about or not so beg my pardon.

So I’m new to the “zettelkasten method” and I wanna get started, but I don’t know where to or how to start, I’m stuck between “should I write about this, or should I not?

If you have time, can you explain to me how to get/you got started?

It’s just that I have so many ideas or things that I wanna note down but I don’t know where or how to start, to the point that I kind of feel overwhelmed.

I’ve read some of the posts/guide in “zettelkasten de” but it made me feel more overwhelmed and confused, so I hope someone could help me. I really appreciate it…

I typed Zettelkasten in the search field and began reading ALL the results. :wink: That was a year ago……and I’m still learning. Have fun!

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