How do I exclude a single folder from syncing all but one folder from desktop to mobile?

Things I have tried

I have my vault synched on three devices: laptop, ipad, and iphone.

  • On the laptop, I opened sync settings and excluded my Secret Plans for World Domination folder.
  • On the iphone, I opened the vault and the excluded folder was still there after syncing.
  • Then, I deleted the vault on my phone and created a new vault and synched again.
  • The folder was still there.

What I’m trying to do

I want to have notes in a folder on my desktop vault and NOT have that folder available when I open the vault on iphone or ipad.

What if you temporarily remove the Secret Plans folder from your Desktop folder, carry out some other sync operations (deletions and additions) on all three sides (laptop, phone, and tablet) to confirm that the three devices are in sync, and then put the Secret Plans folder back?

That was almost it. This is where I ended up. But it makes no sense

On laptop:

  • In sync settings, exclude the folder you want to protect
  • Copy the folder and place the copy somewhere outside your vault
  • Delete the folder
  • Watch sync progress to see it delete everything

On phone:

  • Delete old vault that had the folder you want protected
  • Create new vault
  • Watch sync progress and verify vault downloads without protected folder

On discord, James concurred with the approach to go to each device and exclude the folder from sync. Then on the devices where you don’t want the folder, delete it.

This is an interesting topic, but surely the suggested solution would only work until the next sync took place and the removed folder would be back.

The only way I see this would be possible is if obsidian had explicit command for excluding a folder(s) thus allowing it to be local to the device in question.

Right. The problem was getting all the devices “on the same page,” as it were. Getting the portable devices to a state where the folder’s absence was recognized as a synced state. The folder should be excluded in settings on the device where it resides; this was not in question in my suggestion.

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