How do I display files made on the date relative to the daily note?

Things I have tried

I have tried to understand what is going on with the data view. and searched through forums. And to be honest it is a mystery. I am spinning my wheels in a way that is not helpful for my soul.

That said I can use FROM “folder/file” or FROM #tag to pull file.
I have tried to use SORT Desc

What I’m trying to do

I want to see all files I was working on based on the dairy notes date.

My dairy is always formatted YYYY-MM-DD
Some of my files start YYYY-MM-DD Project name.
Some do not.
All files have a hidden file created date

I do not mind from now on adding a start date to files. I cannot use the date in the file name of the files I want.

TABLE summary
FROM vault
WHERE any file' contains the date of this.diary'  as a date

I have never been able to use javascript. I know filemaker, HTML, CSS. Not being able to code Js ended my web career.

your help is appreciated.

WHERE file.cday =

Sorry, but I’m confused…

You want a dataview table in your daily notes with the files created in that day?

edit: it seems so

What are you confused about?

It’s an ADHD thing. I diary in the morning, during the day and at the end of the day. This code stops me from guessing what I did.

Knowing my activity helps me when I look at what I have done that day. The files and summaries help me to see how “busy” versus “productive” I was. Counting also gives a feeling of accomplishment, to beat down the blue days.

Now, I’m not. But after read your first post I was.

And SORT ASC do nothing!

yes. I have no idea.

I read that code repository. And still, it makes no sense.

Basically it as a training manual it is like this:
Page 1,
page 2,
pages 3-150 (are missing, fill in with your own programming knowledge)
Page 151.


Well, documentation plugin is a document in progress.
Developer offer his time building a plugin… and documentation is a hard thing to do, because you need to achieve a middle place between code experts and no-coders. (I’m in the second group).
Do you know how many contributions are made (and still going on) to the docs by external people?
You can do some…

Well, about the sort command it says: “Sorts all results by one or more fields”.

SORT field ASC

I.e., you need to say what field you want to sort!

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