How do I display a line in a query field without truncating?

What I’m trying to do

I’m using the query function to search for lines with a certain tag. My problem is that only part of the line is displayed:

Things I have tried

I’ve tried searching the forums for similiar problems, but I cannot find an answer.
In this old post, it seems to be doing what I’m looking for: Is it possible to tag a block? - #2 by Craig
But I cannot get the same functionality. If i press the arrows to show more, the text expands to show the whole page, not just the line i’m searching for.

Is there some setting that I cannot find? Or is this possible with a certain plugin?

Hi @AsgerB, welcome to the Obsidian community!

I think Obsidian’s behavior has changed a little since that post, and it now hides part of the quote when first displayed. But it also has a hidden button to show more context, on the right side of the widget:

When you click it, it expands to show more context.

I hope this helps!


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Another thought – Obsidian expects you to put a blank line between paragraphs – if you aren’t putting blank lines in between that might be a reason it’s showing you the whole page.

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