How do I create a bulleted list

I’ve read lost of stuff here about manipulating bullets, but haven’t seen anything that describes how to actually create a bulleted item

You just start a line with a dash ( - ), a space, and the text for your first list item. Then, you press return. The following lines will automatically start with a dash too, until you decide to delete it or leave two empty lines.


One of the important things when writing in markdown: to learn markdown syntax! :wink: You can find an overview here or within the help document of obsidian!
Beside dashes, btw., asteriks (*) work as well for bulleted lists…


In the Obsidian help docs, go to How to -> Format your notes

Thank you for your help guys.

@sam.baron, when I click the Help icon in the app nothing happens, no pop-up and no new panel opens. Just nothing. Where do I find the help docs? I can’t see it on their web site and I’ve not found a link to it in here. I’m clearly looking in the wrong places

Hmm, a couple other ways to open help in the app:

  • Press F1
  • Open the command palette (ctrl/cmd+p) and type “Open help”

Do either of those work?

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Win 10 Pro:

F1: nothing happens
Ctrl P: opens command palette and I can select ‘Open Help’, and then nothing happens :frowning:

What is your app version and your installer version? You can find this in Settings -> About.

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Can you also check the app developer tools to see if there is a console error? Click ctrl+shift+i and look at console tab.

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No errors in the console tab

The help vault is installed with the app, and I believe now it’s re-downloaded every time you open it to get updates. Did you do anything special with your install or are you blocking downloads?

The help vault would be here on a typical Windows 10 install: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\obsidian\Obsidian Help

I would suggest filing a #bug-reports if this is still a problem.

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Yes, obsidian help is there. And it does have a ‘How to’ folder containing a bunch of files. I’ll raise a bug report them

The help folder also seems to contain my data (notes), which seems a weird place for it

Thanks for your help Sam. Much appreciated

Oh this is going to be a big problem. You shouldn’t have your own notes inside the help vault because the help vault gets wiped on update. This might also explain why the help vault isn’t opening.

OK, so I uninstalled Obsidian, after copying and saving the Obsidian User folder elsewhere. I then reinstalled and selected the option to go to the Demo/help vault rather than creating a new one. I then had Help of course

I then created a new vault and moved my old data files into that. So I am good now

How my data files ended up in the Help folder originally is a mystery. I do know that on the original install, I selected the Create Vault option and that did create my nominated ‘Obsidian Data’ folder on my D: drive. It was still there after I uninstalled Obsidian, but with no data in it of course. Frankly, I had forgotten I had created that until I went to create the vault following the reinstall, only to discover the one I originally created

One for the X files seems like

Thanks again for your help @sam.baron

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