How do I copy the results of an embedded search?

What I’m trying to do

How to copy all the content inside the embedded search and paste it into text.


Things I have tried

google search:

obsidian copy the results of an embedded search.
obsidian returns all blocks that contain a specific tag.
obsidian Copy search results including context. Instead of the file name.

Dataview - by 李考凡 - 动作信息 - Quicker (

I think you might have to copy the search terms to the sidebar search and copy the results from there.

It’s a little tricky, but you can copy from the Page Preview popup.

Hold down cmd/ctrl and hover over the area → select the text from the popup by holding down the mouse left click → hit cmd/ctrl + c before you you let go of the mouse left click → paste.

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Oh, if you only want to copy from a single result (and don’t have page previews enabled), I would click the result and copy it from the original note.

Ah, maybe I misunderstood :cry:. The OP did say “all the content”.

The more options the merrier!

I’m not sure — the picture supports your interpretation. Either way, we’ve got it covered! :blush:

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