How do I copy only visible items?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to copy only visible items from Obsidian into another document. In other words, if text is folded, I don’t want to copy it.

1. The full text looks like this

2. I fold it and I only want to copy the visible items

3. This is the result I want when I paste it
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Does anyone have a thought on how to do this? It could be a good plug-in or there might be some other trick using a script.

Thanks for any ideas

You can screenshot OCR then paste the result using another app, I don’t have any in mind though.

Thanks. It could work if I did this occasionally. I copy and paste out Obsidian several times a day.

I once had a script that would do this. I’ll have to keep looking.

If I fold text in ‘preview’, copy it from ‘preview’, and then paste it into TextEdit or Pages, I only get the headings. If I do the same in ‘edit’, I get all the text from the fold.

Would copying from ‘preview’ work for you?


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Ha! yes it does! Thank you @Angel! I thought I tried to copy from the preview mode, but I must have missed this! Thanks for your help.

Welcome. Great news.


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