How do I change the highlight color in Minimal Theme?

I’m using the Minimal Theme and was wondering how to change the highlight color in dark mode?

I looked through the .css file and looked through “Advanced Appearance” but can’t find anything that works.

The highlight color is currently brown-ish, and would like it to be a bit brighter.

Thanks :slight_smile:

In the css theme file try finding --text-highlight-bg in .theme-dark.

--text-highlight-bg:rgba(255, 177, 80, 0.3);

It’s advised to make the changes via css snippets to override theme style and not directly in css theme file.

.theme-dark {
  --text-highlight-bg: rgba(255, 242, 0, 0.4);

Attention to the alpha parameter (the “a”) - transparency.

Thanks, that worked! Now I’m just not sure why the plugin “Advanced Appearance” is not making the snippit work. Any ideas on that? (By this I mean that when the plugin is on, the highlight color is brown; when I turn it off, the highlight color is what I asked it to be in the snippet you suggested)
But thanks already!

Maybe I’m wrong (I don’t use it) but I think the “Advanced Appearance” plugin was developed by @kepano mainly for other themes, not for “Minimal” theme itself.
Minimal theme has his own settings similar to “Advanced plugin”.
The behavior you describe reflects some kind of incompatibility…

Ah, thanks :slight_smile: You’re right, I had the minimal theme plugin installed as well, just had never really looked at it. Awesome :slight_smile:

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