How do I change readable line length?

How do I change readable line length?

Solution from this:

no longer works in editing mode

I have a css snippet that only includes the following, and it fixed the problem on mine.

body {

You can use the plugin Editor Width Slider.

Both solutions work.
Plugin can adjust width per-note.
Although if its as easy as changing 1 css property, shouldn’t this be in the Obsidian settings instead?
Also, what measurement units does Editor Width Slider use? Clearly not pixels

I’m not sure, but if you set the default percentage to 0 then you start at Obsidian’s default width and dragging the bar to the right increases it. It may not reach the full extent of the window’s width depending on your screen’s resolution. For me it’s enough, however a CSS solution may be what you need to make the text area as wide as possible.

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