How do I change font size with a theme installed disabling it?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I’ve checked out some of the other forum posts with this issue, and am willing to try what they advise (custom CSS), but I wanted to verify exactly how this should be done if someone has the time.

(I’m perfectly new to Obsidian and have never programmed before). All I need done is to change the global font size without taking away any functionality (need headers to still be in larger font, etc.). I’m using the “Terminal” theme and it negates any ability to adjust font size in settings. Just want it to be an easily reversible change as well.

Thank you!

i had a look at the theme’s css, so yeah u’ll need css snippet to override the theme’s fixed font.

  1. save the following css into your [vault]/.obsidian/snippets folder, if u on mac or linux, the .obsidian folder is hidden by default (so u might need to unhide it first).
  2. load the snippet by enabling it in Settings > Appearance > CSS snippets (see pic below)

adjustable-font-size-terminal-theme.css (83 Bytes)

.theme-light, .theme-dark {
	--the-font-size: var(--font-text-size) !important;

That theme will burn your eyes :rofl:

Use one that allows you to set this

Thank you very much for the help. I gave it a shot loading it into the CSS Snippets folder that’s in my settings, and enabled it like you showed. Unfortunately the font size setting was still unresponsive. It’s all good though, I’ll explore it some more through that method.

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