How do I automatically collapse linked mentions?

What I’m trying to do

At the footer of a note, there is a section “Linked Mentions” that is expaanded by default. I want it to be collapsed by default. Is there a way I can do this?

For reference, this is what I want:

It’s from the Backlinks core plugin but there’s no option to disable the auto-expanding behavior.

If I untick this option, the footer goes away completely.

Things I have tried

I tried clicking the collapse icon like the screenshot above and it does stay closed when I navigate to other notes but when I close Obsidian and re-open it again, the Linked Mentions are expanded again. I want them permanently collapsed by default.

There may be a plugin that can do it, but this looks like the main (or similar anyway) feature request:

Apparently it’s been requested for years without any movement. Is it possible to just modify the plugin code outright so that this is the default behavior?

I don’t know much but I’m not opposed to modifying code if it gets the job done.

Actually on that note, I can’t seem to find the JavaScript file for the core plugins. The community plugins are stored in the Vault’s .obsidian folder but I’m having trouble finding the one for Core.

The core plugins aren’t open source. The way to handle this would probably be with a plugin (writing one if one doesn’t exist; if one exists it’s probably mentioned in that feature request thread). I don’t know if plugins can modify the core plugins, but if not I imagine reimplementing wouldn’t be terrible since it’s not a very complicated feature.

you may use this plugin to have that settings option.

i cannot demonstrate through static picture here, but the toggle for backlinks also enabled (follow the settings) even though it says “query results”. Release 0.5.0 included support for backlinks

this is from the plugin settings

this is how the backlinks looks like with the above settings. applies to backlinks except for the option “Hide query title by default” and “Hide query results by default” since it’s not relevant for backlinks
also, the sort is not working for backlinks, but works for query results

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Thank you so much! That solves it

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