How do I adapt Obsidian on iOS and rich media notes?


I’d like to build a second brain, and I think Obsidian seems right to me.

I have some issues though:

  • I’m only on iOS and iPadOS

  • I usually also store images: screenshots, diagrams, photos from conferences, etc…

I’m testing Apple Notes that is good: it also indexes the content inside the images, and I can store PDFs too.

But it’s heavy, not cross platform, and linking one note to another one is very hard and requires many steps.

Any suggestion about how to implement Obsidian, or an equivalent one, with such needs?

I tested IA Writer, but I haven’t found a way to insert images, PDFs, and wasn’t able to link notes each other.

You could try 1Writer. It has support for linked pages and image insertion, though I’m not sure about PDFs. I believe it also has trouble referencing notes outside of the current folder, but I’m not sure if that’s been fixed yet or not. It’s not Obsidian but it’s pretty great anyway. The extended keyboard is also very nice and customizable.

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