How disable the 2nd Asterisk (* *) when creating a bulleted list in Obsidian

When I try to create a bulleted list, I start with an *. Obsidian inserts * *. A previous post said that this could be disabled in the editing tab in settings, but I can’t find this tab anywhere. Can someone help?

Try using a hyphen instead. I do this for bullet points easy peasy.

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The issue with the asterisks (*) is that some folks use a set of single ones for italics ( *italics* ). In Settings > Editor > Auto pair Markdown syntax you can disable this, but that disables “bold, italic, code, and more” auto-pairing.

As Spark706 mentioned, you could use dashes/hyphens (-) as well as plus signs (+) in front of list items. Don’t mix and match them in one list though.

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