How did Obsidian update when blocked by firewall?

What I’m trying to do

Determine how Obsidian all of a sudden updated despite Inet access blocked in firewall.

I have been using an older version of Obsidian for months with it blocked in the firewall settings. All of a sudden upon launching it today, it popped up a release notes page for 1.4.14 (but in the details it just says “Could not load release notes for 1.4.”)

The firewall logs show plenty of blocked connection attempts from Obsidian, and for example if I attempt to browse community plugins, it pops up a “failed” alert. So the block seems to be in effect.

So I’d like to know through what path/method is Obsidian connecting to be able to update despite this firewall block?

It’s regular https/WebSockets. I don’t know what you are blocking.
You could just use the build-in toggle to disable automatic updates or click the manual updates and see what connection is generated.

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