How can i use the built in query language to display a count in a pluging

I am using the code below to search for tasks but the issue is that it opens the seach ui every time it does… I want it to happen in the background. Anyone have a way to do this better while using the Query Language of Obsidian?

async function getTaskBadgeCountSearch2(app) {
	const taskQuery = `tasks not done due today path does not include 50 Resources  group by path sort by priority sort by path hide due date `;
	const searchLeaf = app.workspace.getLeavesOfType('search')[0];
	const search = await;
	return await new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(() => {

	}, 300)); // the delay here was specified in 'obsidian-text-expand' plugin; I assume they had a reason   

I don’t have any ideas about the built-in search of Obsidian, but how about using the Dataview API?

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Sorry for the delay, I have gotten it working with dataview. After fixing the query to be faster it’s nice but still has a delay and only works on desktop. Trying to find a way to have it work natively with the query language but this is workable for now. Thanks @ush !