How can I use other language in LaTeX

I was trying write math formula in my primary language. But characters started to break. Googled issue and found the solution and got the doc but still couldn’t apply it.
My primary language is in Bengali/Bangla.
Thank you in advance

I think it’s unlikely there’s a solution to your problem, see this topic and answer.

There is “Extended MathJax” plugin that enables packages such as mhchem and bussproofs

If that plugin isn’t helpful in your case, then post a feature request to it.


it’s a sample if it doesn’t print begin and end syntax my problem would be solved

Obsidian makes use of the Mathjax plugin, which can only be used for equations/math and is it is quite complete. It is not meant to be used for other LaTeX functionalities, such as formatting texts.

You can do things like this:




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