How can I tell the last time a note was updated?

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Is there any easy way to tell the last time a note was updated? I’m coming from Joplin and Dendron which includes the last modified time in the frontmatter.

If you use Templater:

<% tp.file.last_modified_date("YYYY.MM.DD h:mm A") %>

(change date format to your preferred format)

then either Alt+R (I think that’s default) or Ctrl+P > Templater: Replace templates in the active file

There is probably a much easier way to do this but I know this works.

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If you just need the information on demand, the Get Info plugin is great:
If you want to display it in a file, you can install the Dataview plugin and add this snippet:

This page was last modified on `$= dv.current().file.mtime.toFormat("MMMM d, yyyy")` at `$= dv.current().file.mtime.toFormat("h:mm a")`.

You will need to enable inline javascript queries in the Dataview options.

Get Info Plugin

Dataview plugin


You can hover over the file name in the explorer on the left side. There’s a popup that shows this:

Some themes suppress this, but it’s for sure available in the default theme.

I knew there would be an easier way. Good call.

FYI - this doesn’t work in the Starred list.

Hadn’t noticed that before, but that’s correct!

I’d regard this as a bug.

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