How can i sort zettelkasten numbering on dataview table

Things I have tried

hi there
I’m using dataview plugin, and using zettelkasten’s numbering system also.
I numbered notes like 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 2b…
writing the alphabets after the number means it’s child card of preceded notes (or related)
child notes aren’t written in chronological order


so after number the cards and see that cards on dataview
table shows the card in this order 1,2,3,1a,2a,3a

For reference here is my query:

TABLE without id
	zetid as "number", as "file"
FROM -"Templates"
WHERE zetid 
sort zetid asc

i want the order become like 1, 1a… 10, 10a
so that i can quickly check the child cards

i tried to use sortable plugin and it worked for a moment, but it restored at the end.
also checked
this post
but doesn’t work to me

Could someone help me sort those?
thank you

Sorry but I don’t have much time now to explore more your question… and I need to know more about regex… but I think it works with this:

SORT number(zetid) ASC, split(zetid,"\d+")[1] ASC
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i tried your query
but couldn’t find the single number↓

SORT number(zetid) ASC
and tried this query the table became ↓


it’s not the order that i want but there’s no problem
thank you

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