How can I show none .md files in the search results and in the file panel?


I keep mixed notes types because I use multiple apps to maintain stuff. The file extensions are like .txt or .org are in there. The files search does not list them, and I cant see them in the file listing obviously. In the end they are just text files and I do not want to rename tjem to .md because that would break other apps.


There is currently no way to use those files in Obsidian with full functionality.

You can show them in the file browser by enabling Settings > Files & Links > Detect all file extensions. If Obsidian can’t open the file it will send it to the system default app for that file type.

There are some community plugins that allow you to open text files in Obsidian but last I knew none of them enable full functionality — things like indexing for search and autocomplete may be missing.

There is probably a feature request for Obsidian to treat other filename extensions as notes, which you could upvote.

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