How can I run two separate Obsidian accounts on one machine?

Things I have tried

I have one account (Microsoft Outlook email) with a vault in Microsoft OneDrive - and paid to sync it across devices.

Yesterday, I set up another account (Google Gmail) and tried to set up a vault just for that account, preferably on the associated Google Drive. I already paid specifically for this account to sync across devices.

So, I’ve paid two times now so that I can run two separate Obsidian accounts.

I deleted the application and installed it new, but the new installation keeps associating with my first Obsidian vault.

Also, from my Samsung tablet, I don’t get the option to select the Google Drive to create and store a vault to associate with Google (and not the Microsoft set up).

So, that’s my problem. I’d love to have some help setting this up.

What I’m trying to do

You’re using Obsidian Sync inside OneDrive and Google Drive? Mixing multiple syncing tools is a bad idea.

To be clear, I’m not saying having two accounts is bad. (I don’t know how to set that up.) I’m saying having Obsidian Sync + OneDrive is bad. Having Obsidian Sync + Google Drive is bad. You’re going to set yourself up for race conditions and sync errors.

Sorry I don’t have a direct answer for your multiple account problem. But this seems weird that you are trying to have multiple accounts for different 3rd party sync tools. Something is fishy in your underlying premise here… You also likely do not need multiple Obsidian account for what you’re trying to do.

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I set up the Obsidian Sync + OneDrive because I have no experience with the straight Obsidian option for storage. I went with what I did know.

It seems to me that future options for Obsidian will be greater with Google than with Microsoft.

It sounds like you are recommending that I purely use the Obsidian sync option with the Obsidian servers and not use the One Drive or the Google Drive. Correct?

Yes, I am not suggesting any specific one. But I am suggesting you choose one or the other. Do not mix the two together, or they will race each other and give you potential sync conflicts.

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Thank you. Now I understand what you meant when you originally spoke of racing.

As @rigmarole said, you don’t want the same vault using Obsidian Sync and google drive/onedrive/dropbox but it’s easy to use different services for different vaults.

  • vault_A with Obsidian Sync set up: vault folder anywhere but in googledrive/onedrive/dropbox/etc folders.
  • vault_B_google: vault folder in google drive hierarchy (core Sync plugin off).
  • vault_C_onedrive: vault folder in onedrive hierarchy (core Sync plugin off).

Just pay attention where you put things - especially the vault you want to use Obsidian Sync with - and you’ll be fine.


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