How can I rename a frontmatter / property value in all my notes?

I have a property called “Date-Finished” that I want to rename to “Date Completed” in all notes that have it. I could write a script myself but I’m wondering if there are any good premade solutions.

GitHub - MahmoudFawzyKhalil/obsidian-global-search-and-replace: A plugin to do a global search and replace in all your Obsidian vault files. should be able to handle that.

I’d use Sublime Text or VSCode.

Either way, and you know, but it’s worth repeating: make backups before any big changes. :blush:


I put togehter this command which uses rrg (ripgrep) and sd to find all instances of a phrase (“Date-Finished:”) and replace it with another, “Date Completed:”. This is designed to be completely case insensitive with finding with

--ignore-case` and `-f i`: `rg 'Date-Finished:' -l --ignore-case | xargs -I {} sd -f i 'Date-Finished:' 'Date Started:' {}

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