How can I remove unnecessary space in home dashboard unordered and ordered lists without affecting all lists in notes

I’m putting together a home dashboard for better view of my notes, as part of the filtering of what to list in this dashboard, I have some scripts to accomplish that as seen below:


  • Linux
    $=dv.list(dv.pages('#Linux').sort(f=>f.file.mtime.ts,"desc").limit(5).map(page => "- " +
  • Algorithm and DSA
    $=dv.list(dv.pages('#Algorithm').sort(f=>f.file.mtime.ts,"desc").limit(5).map(page => "- " +
  • Networking
    $=dv.list(dv.pages('#Networking').sort(f=>f.file.mtime.ts,"desc").limit(5).map(page => "- " +
  • System Design
    $=dv.list(dv.pages('#SystemDesign').sort(f=>f.file.mtime.ts,"desc").limit(5).map(page => "- " +

The final result being:

Anyone know how to remove all those spaces circled in red? I have tried some CSS snippets for targeting ul but it affects all uls created. I simply want to target these filters/ul created for this dashboard.

Apologies if duplicate, but couldn’t find anything for this particular use case.

Worth adding that I am following this video, however, rather than just creating hyperlinks to notes i.e: [[Note]], I’ve added a filter instead to display my existing notes.

I think I may have found something that could help. So, applying a cssclass to the file and writing the ul code to handle these uls.

What theme are you using? It may have settings to adjust these items spacing.

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Right okay, I’m using AnuPpuccin, did play a bit with it after seeing your suggestion but couldn’t spot anything that could cause a major change of the lists styles, but it does have styling settings for lists, so will continue playing with it and see if I can tweak it to work. Thanks!

Does it change if you do the following:

`$=dv.list(dv.pages('#Linux').sort(f=>f.file.mtime.ts,"desc").limit(5).map(page =>`

I’m suspecting that the "- " introduces a secondary level in the lists, which might be the reason for the extra indentation.

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That was exactly it! Always the minuscule things that makes you scratch your head.

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